• Wheel alignments

    Wheel alignments

    Now performing wheel alignments on our top of the line Hunter alignment rack!

  • Making it last with routine maintenance.

    Making it last with routine maintenance.

    At Alternative Autoworx we realize it can be confusing to figure out why and when a service or maintenance must be done to your Subaru throughout its lifetime. We don’t expect you to know it all, so we’ve come up with a way to explain what’s going on with the key systems of your Subaru…

  • What’s This??

    What’s This??
  • Recall Link – Be Proactive

    Recall Link – Be Proactive

    This is a helpful link that will let you know if you have an outstanding recalls on your Subaru or any other vehicle you own for that matter. Just follow the instructions on the page and enter the vehicle VIN number. recall database Recall News Flash:

  • Subaru Oil Consumption. Problem or Normal?

    Subaru Oil Consumption. Problem or Normal?

    Does your Subaru burn oil? Good info from Consumer Reports If you’re interested in knowing more about a possible oil consumption issue on your Subaru click to be directed to a detailed Consumer Reports article addressing it. “Excessive oil consumption isn’t normalAutomakers say adding oil between scheduled changes is acceptable.It’s not.” Ok that’s kinda…

  • Towing Your Subaru

    Towing Your Subaru

    Towing a Subaru behind a motorhome or a tow-truck The following towing advice is from Subaru “Helpline Update, 2/97” There has been a change to the policy regarding towing of Subaru vehicles behind motorhomes.  The following applies to 1990 through present model year Legacy (including Outback), 1993 through present year Impreza (incl. Outback Sport, and…

  • July 2013- Steering Column Recall on 2013 Outbacks and Legacys

    July 2013- Steering Column Recall on 2013 Outbacks and Legacys

    5,379 2013 Subaru Outbacks and Legacys might have a steering column shaft that was not correctly assembled that could possibly lead to a steering failure. Not all vehicles in the VIN range will be affected. The VIN range for the Legacy is D*002001-003605, and for the Outback is D*200001-204233. Owners will be notified 5/14/13 by…

  • Your fuel choice at the pump is important!

    Your fuel choice at the pump is important!

    We ALL want to save money where we can, but this may not be the place either. We’ve all heard “You get what you pay for” OR… “Put cheap in, get cheap out” This is so true with fuel too. Most of our Subarus are 4 cylinders that are hauling a reasonable sized car around.…

  • A/C recharge and maintenance

    The most common fix to the problem of your Subaru’s air conditioning not blowing cold anymore is a A/C recharge. The rubber O-rings that act as a seal in the A/C lines can bad and allow for Freon to leak out and empty the A/C system, also causing a lack of cold air. A proper recharge…



    It’s understandable that we ALL want to save a buck if we can. Not all of us are “Do It Yourselfers”, but for the ones that are, here’s a heads up. There are many “stop leak” products in your local auto parts stores. The problem is 99% of the time they don’t work & cause…

  • Bizarre recall: Subarus mysteriously starting themselves

    Bizarre recall: Subarus mysteriously starting themselves

    Talk about ghostly: Your Subaru could be starting its engine when you don’t even know about it. Subaru is recalling 47,419 vehicles from model years 2010 to 2013 because the key fob with a built-in remote starter can go wacky if it is dropped. The drop can cause a malfunction that results in the fob…

  • Timing Belt Replacement

    Timing Belt Replacement

    This is a picture of the most common Subaru engine, the 2.5 liter 4 cylinder. This engine can be found in all 2000-2010 Subaru Outbacks, Legacys, Impreszas, and Foresters, and later on some models. If your car is a turbo or an H6 a lot of these principals will be the same but the costs are…